“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

My passion has brought me into some interesting circumstances and places.  I have a story or two to tell.  I guess at some age I began aspiring to change the world.  In my adult life I changed that aspiration to changing the world one child at a time.   I’d rather be looked upon as a fool for trying to change the world, as not doing anything at all.

I was raised and  live in Amarillo, Texas and have some wonderful family in my life, two gorgeous teenage daughters, friends around the world and many who call me mama.  I have an unusual life, yet, I have a regular life here in Texas.  There are people in my life that really don’t know the depth of my heart or my life’s passion.   I hope this body of work here can change that.

I’m fortunate to be the Founding Executive Director of a non-profit organization, Little Miracles International, Inc. providing services to adoptive families and to orphaned children worldwide.  My job brings me to some  fascinating places. Some people don’t understand what I do, or why.  That’s ok, because I love what I do and I wouldn’t change a thing.   The administrative part of my job is really the same as any top level corporate position. Reams and stacks of paper, reports and statistics, rules and laws. We are meeting the laws sometimes of 5 or 6 government entities at once. This job is challenging!  The wonderful and rewarding part of my job is to unite families, see them flourish and help children fulfill sometimes the smallest of dreams.  Our organization has a humanitarian blog, Dream of a Child.   Until now I haven’t well documented my travels, this blog will change that!

I’m a photography hobbyist who would love to take that interest further.  Being an amateur photographer is a great self learning process that has no borders. The lack of confines is what I like about capturing an image the most. It should be far more than the simple act of recording a lasting memory. In a way, it is about tempting our imagination to create an outer image. It  is an art form and a way of expression for me. I’m trying to learn to become a better photographer.  It is a long road, full of potholes.

I’ve always loved to travel.  In high school I dreamed of seeing Africa, and many other countries of the world. I surrounded myself with friends from many countries. When I go, I travel fearlessly, carefully and with appreciation and acceptance of differences and culture, I immerse myself.   I’m always ready for the adventure. Traveling allows us to discover new places with new atmospheres, smells, tastes and sounds. It allows us to meet other people with different lives, opinions, experiences or customs.    Traveling lets us realize that nothing is just black and white, that there might be a visible or hidden reason for everything people do and just because we don’t understand something today it doesn’t mean we won’t understand it tomorrow. I’ve learned about culture, what it means to embrace your own; I’ve learned about suffering and the beauty of faith and most of all about myself.

So this doesn’t end on a serious note, I seem to have some really ridiculously hilarious experiences while traveling.  I’ve accidentally used the men’s restroom in so many places I quit counting.    I’ve squatted over more toilet holes and ruined my shoes more than you have!    I’m a klutz.   I’ve fallen in nearly every country I’ve ever been in.  I almost consider that a right of passage now.  I drank fermented camel’s milk.  I may have eaten a very strange part of a horse (censored because it just sounds wrong) without knowing.   Don’t hate me for that!

…forthright. inquisitive. tenacious. advocating.compassionate.goofball…  I love to laugh.

Pending work and internet connections, postings may be sporadic so subscribe to RSS so you will know when a new post is out!  When I’m not traveling, I will be posting on my food blog and continue my thoughts here.  That’s how this blog started when I wanted to blog my food adventures.

I love answering questions so please contact me and let me know what you are dying to know! I’ll post the FAQ’s here!

~Lori Scott~

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