Can you hear me now?

This is a peculiar thing for me, the Ugandans speak so softly.   I didn’t remember reading about this anywhere but when conversing I really have to strain to hear them, so I ask them to repeat a lot.  I would consider their speaking voice a meek almost whisper-like sound in comparison to my loud American friends and family.  The Ugandan manner is to look down and speak softly and humbly in such a way that is so difficult to hear and understand. I find myself leaning in closer a lot when I’m listening to conversations as well.   I have some hearing loss I’m sure from all the loud music and screaming kids!

Now we know what the African proverb meant by speak softly and carry a big stick!

I do know when the occasion arises that they can lift their voices to a high tone in anger or when someone is mad or fighting.   Today we saw a street fight and there were gangs of people gathered around and they had somehow removed the pants from one girl.   We’ll never know the end of that story as the traffic began to move away and we were left with wonderment of what we were just witnessing.

My driver Farouk is used to Americans and other foreigners so he knows to raise his voice up to where our poor American ears can hear.   He talks at our level and that is so helpful.

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