Kampala Day 2

Kampala Day 2

Day Two in Kampala was lovely.   I made it out of bed at 7:00 AM to go meet my wonderful Winnie the cook here at the guest house.  We could not have been happier to see each other!  She remembered what I love and began cooking. When I came back to my room, Livingstone, the manager of the guest house greeted me with open arms.   He said he was so happy to have my friendly way back in Uganda.  He’s been sick with Malaria, and you can tell he’s lost some weight.

My breakfast was two pieces of toast, a fingerling banana, plum jam and a scrambled “white” egg.   Now when I say white, I don’t mean egg whites.   The eggs here are a bit of a   phenomenon,  having no color in the yolks whatsoever.   They are very fresh and taste perfect but they are only very slightly pale yellow when scrambled.   Once you take a bite everything seems ok with the world though.  You really don’t realize how you associate color with foods until you eat something that isn’t quite right in the food color wheel you are used to.

You’ll read a lot about my food journey, as I am a foodie.   I love to take photos of food, blog about food and hopefully describe it so you can imagine tasting it.

I had Farouk (my amazing driver) take me to Mango Tree, which is an educational company serving children throughout Uganda.  They paint learning charts and informational charts and games on white fiber charcoal sacks. These are durable and hold up well in outdoor classrooms and will be perfect for the little bush orphanage.    I bought the ABC’s, numbers, parts of the body, and letter-word associations.  I’ll take them to Northern Uganda with me to the children.

I’m here at the guest house planning, arranging meetings and errands and shopping before I travel to Jinja this next week to start my real work.   It is a good thing these first few days aren’t so busy because I think my feet need that rest.   My first stop there will be a lovely orphanage that we are working with.   I can’t wait to get those children in my arms.   I have arranged for two volunteers to work there and I’ll meet them on Monday night and we will travel to Jinja Tuesday together.  My volunteers Stephanie from Texas and her mom are seasoned orphanage volunteers.   They will have the time of their lives there I know.

I went to Garden City mall and got my USB modem reactivated.  The service is with Orange and it really is pretty good.   Service for the highest monthly rate is only 150,000 Shillings ($64 USD).    I can use the computer in the car even.  The service is supposed to be for a month or whenever you run out.   Last time I was here in June, Orange service didn’t reach Kitgum in the North but as we were leaving we saw them laying fiberoptic cable so  I understand now it is working there quite well.

I also went and bought a case of water.   I was so dehydrated from the plane and I’m re-hydrating these first few days.   This trip is less stress and laid out better than my last.   I have a few days to adjust to the climate, to get my airplane legs going again and to make plans and just relax.   Ahhhh Africa.

I haven’t said much about Uganda.  Last night Farouk drove me by the EthiopianVillage  Restaurant that was a terrorist bombing target, and as I remembered it is just right down the road from me.  What had been a football party for the Finals of the World Cup Soccer in July,  turned into a sea of chaos.  This happened right after I had left Uganda in June.  I remember the sadness I felt at this event.   In the aftermath, what has happened is at least a more secure, at least in thought and effort,  Uganda.

Today going into the mall, our car was searched for bombs and guns.   I found it amusing to see and hear the interchange with my driver and the guard.   “Greetings ssebo (sir), please do not forget to find the bomb I keep here in the car inside my glove box for you.”   Hilarious laughter ensues… “and here the other bomb on this side in the back…also do not forget this one!”  Bomb humor, who would have known?   In the states I assured Farouk we might have been arrested for such banter, but here Farouk says, “It keeps them feeling they are working hard and doing their great job for a purpose.”   Interesting!

We ate at Le Petit Village.  Again the search for bombs by security, and mirrors under the car and the usual bomb jokes…ha.   I don’t dare yet but I want to.

The menu was expansive lots of wonderful meats and kabobs etc.   I was elated.   I chose grilled tilapia.    I just cannot begin to explain how delicious the tilapia is here.   They usually pull it right out of Lake Victoria, and cook and serve.   So you are eating the daily catch.  This was served with a buttery sauce with sauteed oyster mushrooms and chips.   Probably the most delicious fish I’ve eaten to date.  Here we had fresh french hard crust bread with a vegetable medley of carrots, peas and broccoli. Everything cooked to complete perfection.  We didn’t wait long for our meal, which is sometimes unusual, and the wait staff was so wonderful.   Huge rave for this restaurant. Photos of our meals below, Farouk had “Tilapia Fingers” loves that fried fish!  Really who wouldn’t?

Click on image for the full savory view!

Then the wait for the airport to see if my bags had arrived.  I’ll recant that story in the next update….for now time to rest.

  1. Erin Herman says:

    Glad you got there safe and sound! the food looks delicious and you already have some great stories to tell! Best wishes for a safe and productive journey. XOXO Erin

  2. Celinda Barrett says:

    Glad that you are resting and rehydrating these first few days. You always find the most amazing restaurants and have friends who cook wonderful meals. Your pictures of the food are amazing. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey in Uganda. Stay safe.

    • Lori says:

      I haven’t really broken out the camera yet. We are driving all around and not much opportunity to really relax a lot but I’ve taken a few pics. I’ll start taking more very soon!!! I’m all about the food, and the weather.

  3. Andrea says:

    Your meals are definitely looking better than mine :).

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