When House of Angels opened up the child placement center to the orphans again we weren’t prepared for them.  We didn’t have proper things.  We had been caring for only older after school program children in the community.   It had been several years since we had orphans in our center, and then we had only infants up […]


Rain…Please Come Back Another Day!

It always rains in Romania when I am here.   Invariably it rains when I am scheduled to have any off time from the House of Angels.  I am in Tirgoviste for some relaxation time and it is raining.   No photos.   No videos.   Just rain, cleansing rain. I’m embarrassed of how much and what I’ve eaten today, so […]


Traveling to Tirgoviste, Romania

The House of Angels is awakening. I on the other hand, am still on my coffee euphoria from last night.   I may or may not have internet access problems today, so I’m up early looking for comments, checking mail etc.   I’m going to see Simona’s mom and dad today and stay at their […]


“Good Morning Romania!”

I finally got my so needed sleep last night.   I awoke to the sounds of so many children!   How refreshing!  I love little laughter.  Giggles echoed down the long corridors of this place!   When I walked out…little Christian whom I believe to be about 12 years old said “Good Morning Romania!” in perfect English.   I loved that!  […]

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