An Average Day in the Life

As I type with thoughts of the past days in my head, I find it almost impossible to describe this place.   Uganda is a plunge into sensory overload.  When I’m describing the things I’m experiencing it is so difficult to say everything or describe without images, for this place is a destination to experience with all the senses, and especially the heart.   I’m sure my photos will speak much more articulately than my words when they go up but for now I will try to describe all that is happening here.

Each day I have breakfast promptly at 7:00am.   Winnie our cook fixes me delicious eggs and we have bread with butter and jam, fresh fingerling bananas, the most delicious orange juice ever or apple juice, coffee, or cereal and milk.   A typical Westerner’s Continental style breakfast.   The coffee is fresh and divine!!

All of us here at the guest house eat together in one dining hall.   There are about 8 young people here with the Watoto 360* program.   They work here for about 5-6 months in what ever capacity that ministry has them work.  They also attend dicipleship classes.    They do hospital outreach, prision outreach, orphan outreach, door to door, feeding, serving and so many things.  This would be a great program for a young person wanting to know if they are cut out for missions.   Each day they leave around 8 and return home and we all eat together again about 7pm.  They hail from Canada, Switzerland, Australia, US, UK and others.  Some of them staying here and some at the other guest house owned by Fields of Life.

Then I have my day planned out usually where I will go and what I will do.  I really try not to have a rigid schedule this way I can be quite flexible.  The driver costs me 60,000 Shillings ($30 USD)  each day I use him and if I go for a long distance I must put in his fuel as well and/or pay him more.   I have to say that my driver is the absolute best in Uganda.   He’s been a driver here for the last 20 years.   He has a large vehicle 4 wheel driver and a smaller SUV type which I’ll show you later.  He knows the short cuts and back roads and knows so very many people here in this country all over the place.   He is originally from the North of Uganda.  He currently resides here in Kampala and also in Jinja.   He is a wealth of knowledge about this country and has assisted me in understanding the culture.   He gets me to my appointments promptly and then he brings me home safely.   That is all I can ask.  I love him and he is an amazing part of our new team.   I can’t wait for those that travel here to meet him.   He is a protector, a father, a friend and a great all around Christian guy.  BTW I would bring him music CD’s if you come!!   I’m so sorry I didn’t bring some to give out!  That sure makes the time on the road go faster.

Today I went to look at some other guest houses to see what there is out there.  I’ll write about that too later.

And so it goes.     As life here exists mainly for survival…I smell the cooking fires beginning.

  1. Jani Pfieffer says:

    Will definitely come back for more of this. Great work

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