Beginning the Packing

Beginning the Packing

These last two months have not afforded me much time to prepare for the trip. I couldn’t leave any earlier because I had so much official administration business at work, and end of the year business. I couldn’t start packing because I’ve had all of this, health issues with both myself and my oldest daughter Rachel (translated to many Dr./physical therapy visits) and trying to close out my mother’s estate after her death and clean out my childhood home.

My daughter and I also have a home-studio business, which was put on “vacation” several weeks ago.

When I start packing for an international trip, I don’t have any time to get excited about the trip. Almost always, the excitement hits me first on the plane. I cannot relax until then. The packing is usually concentrated over one or two days, the day before, and involves numerous trips to the store and usually one emergency stop off at Wal-Mart on the way to the airport. Because I’ve been on so many international trips, I don’t really get stressed over my packing and feel confident I can do it the day before. However, the excitement of the trip is simply not even increased as I pack. The whole time I’m packing then trying to decide what I can truly live without while there. Gifts, did I bring everything I need? Donations in my bags usually spill over from one donation bag to my clothing bag.

There is always that one item I can’t locate, that I really need, and the one item I realize after landing at my international hub, that I forgot to pack.

I start charging electronics and camera equipment a couple of days before. I carefully pack all of those in my carry on. I carry a huge “purse” that is a big pocketed bag to carry my computer, medicines, and can carry all my camera equipment too throughout my trip.

Mentally I’m in preparation mode and try to think of what could happen while I’m gone and prepare accordingly. I typically bring the entire pharmacy with me. I always start taking immune boosters before I go. I specifically like the Bell Supreme Immune Booster. I’ve never been sick since I started taking these on my trips.

I have an appointment to get a pedicure, and haircut tomorrow. I’m down to the wire. I need prayer covering and I’m calling out to my friends and intercessors to be there!

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