Broken in Uganda

It is a national holiday.   I planned my trip apparently during two of them.   On this day where I have time  to rest and reflect and blog, I find myself sobbing and just staring into the images etched into my mind of the children and people I’ve met over the past few days.   Their stories all unique, their pain all so deep.   I’m just broken here without words to utter or type.   I don’t know how to begin to tell the story of what I’ve witnessed.

He who loves, loves you with your dirt.   Ugandan Proverb

  1. lori hetzel says:

    Lori, continued prayers. May God give you all of the strength to preservere. You are a becon of light in the world.

  2. jody peccia says:

    my prayers are with you lori, what would the children do with out the you’s of the world i admire you!

    • Lori says:

      Thank you Jody but I’m so humbled here, my work is so very small in comparison to the problem. I need help always from those that aren’t in the trenches. Everyone can help though! It is amazing when you think about the money that we spend on Christmas alone…what that would do to save the hunger problem in the world…think about it! Staggering isn’t it?

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