Great Success in Queretaro!

Great Success in Queretaro!

Although the heavy rain has followed me around everywhere, we had a wonderful meeting with the Mexican DIF (child protective services) and we have now established a relationship that we pray will last for many years to come.  The DIF is doing such a fabulous job here with the children and also the community.   They care for the children and the families that they come from and they believe that every child has the birthright to have a family of their own, regardless of how that family comes about, the child deserves the love of a family.

I just want everyone to know what an amazing  job this Mexican State is doing with their child protection here.   The people are caring and loving and very concerned about their children.   I’m pleased to know them!  What warm hospitality we had for our meeting.   I felt as if I had been colleagues of these people for years.   They were genuine, and sincere.

I was very excited as they invited us to be their guests for lunch, took us for a little sight seeing and shopping and finally presented us with a gift from the Governor’s wife who is very pro-adoption and is over the child protection here.   Wow!   I’ll show you pictures later of my very short afternoon in the city and the sweet gifts here from the Governor’s wife!  We were so honored and shocked!!!

I’ll write more after supper but know I’m simply elated about this trip.  I’m thankful for the loving care of the children.   Honestly, the children are being cared for in the best possible way I could have even imagined.   The goal is to reunify the child with the biological family if possible and if not, to find a permanent placement in a family as soon as possible.

Our hotel is gorgeous!   This Hotel Hacienda Jurica is actually a resort.   Five Star Food!!!    We got a wonderful flight/hotel deal.   I think if we come again though, we will stay in the city, where we can walk and shop and enjoy the lovely fountains and church bells and city life.

More later….I’m going for the last supper here.   I may have to have the smoked poblano soup again.  The food, to absolutely die for.    This is how I love to cook, and I must have Mexican blood somewhere in this Mzungu body!!!   Dear me, I bet I gained 5 pounds just smelling breakfast!!!   I’m in chili heaven!!

  1. Queretaro says:

    I have always thougth of Queretaro as a great place to live and I am really happy that the DIF is working hard to fix the probles with children in Queretaro, hopefully other cities in Mexico will get on the bandwagon and start to act.

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