I must have a rolex!

I must have a rolex!

This word had an entirely different concept before I traveled here to Uganda. No it has nothing to do with watches. The word originated with the words “rolled eggs” and the accent was so thick I guess someone thought it sounded like rolex.

It is heaven on earth.  It is my new comfort food. I’ve found a burrito in Uganda! It is a heartburn just waiting.  I cannot tell you how delicious this is! Only thing missing is hot sauce and folks, they have that too! I’ve tried the chilie sauce and it is great!

Fried flat bread (chapati)…eggs…what is not to love? Mine was fixed tonight by Winnie but this video will give you a great idea of what I just ate!! I don’t think mine had cabbage but then again, I have no idea what I’m eating about half of the time. You can pick these up on the street for about .50 USD.

  1. lori hetzel says:

    That is so cool you have a recipe video Lori from Uganda! They do sound scrumptous~

  2. Edward Kibirige says:

    That’s such an awesome video. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m a Ugandan-American and I so miss Rolex that I was salivating on my laptop as I was watching the guy cooking it and then the person eating it.

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