Life After Africa

Life After Africa

I can’t even tell you how difficult the re-entry has been for me coming back to Texas from Uganda.  I’ve always struggled a bit with jet lag, and when I come home from Romania a bit of depression over the children, but this is significantly worse.   I still struggle daily with actions and attitudes of people surrounding me, trying to muster up care and love for people who appear rude, selfish and irritating. I’m even in Texas where everyone is always friendly!!!  But I see things differently now.  I’m engulfed with the idea of things being plentiful, and angry that there are people that live completely without.

I want to hold and comfort the children in Northern Uganda, and in Jinja where I learned so much about the culture of East Africa.

I ponder a lot, just sit in quiet observation.   I don’t want to go places much, and although filled with joy over my trip and current happenings with our humanitarian programs, I’m just numb.

I desire to ignite passion in my fellow man, yet I feel inadequate to do that.   I pray much.  I try to make positive affirmations, and I try to be a blessing to others during this time.

I feel I’m being called to tell my story but how/where do I start?   I need some help with video/slideshow and technical things I don’t have a lot of time for as I’m still a corporate CEO of a company like all others struggling to keep head above water in these economic times.

I have children in Uganda that I’m called to support now, and I’ve taken that oath, the oath to a little child that looked deeply into my soul and said, “Mama, will you help us?”  I need to start the sponsorship program.   I have many Ugandan beads made by orphans and grannies that we need to sell to raise funds for the children in the orphanages!

I’m overwhelmed, emotionally, physically and exhausted at the thought of where to start.

Everyone asks, “How was your trip?”   How can I even begin to find the words to describe this life changing event.   I struggle.   I pray.

In the mean time during all of this, a child died in one of our 10 year projects in Eastern Europe, causing a scandal of all scandals with media as it always does in Eastern Europe and now, our project seems to have lost it’s momentum due to the death of this precious Alexandru.  Children were shuffled around by the government and our mutual projects and volunteer program are a huge question mark at present.   Would love your prayer on this.

Rest in Peace Alex, although I never met you, you touched many lives.

  1. linda lessis says:

    lori, i’m sorry you are struggling. i know that what you do takes a toll on the body and the mind and on the spirit. sometimes, when i think too hard on the injustice in the world, i feel like you do. just unable to equate those with so much to those with nothing. and it’s always the kids -- the kids haunt me. sometimes it’s overwhelming to the point of being paralyzing. i’m so much further removed than you are, so i can only imagine how much it affects you.
    i wish i had some answers for you, but i can only hold you close in my thoughts and share your story with every person i meet.
    i feel so blessed to be travelling on our journey with you to guide us, once again. take comfort in knowing how much good you are doing . . .

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