Turn it into hope

Turn it into hope

“Give me, for my life,
all lives,
give me all the pain
of everyone,
I’m going to turn it into hope.
Give me all the joys,
even the most secret,
because otherwise
how will these things be known?
I have to tell them,
give me the labors
of everyday,
for that’s what I sing”
Pablo Neruda

  1. Polk Green says:

    How are you? Was your latest trip enjoyable? What all did you find out??


    • Lori says:

      I had the time of my life. I’m still going to be blogging my stories about it but I have to take a break and fly down to Mexico for work then back. I hope then I can breathe life into my Uganda trip for my blog…I want to go back already!! You just cannot imagine!

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