Workday Part 1

Workday Part 1

My daily life here can be described as a comedy of errors, a change of plans and lots of time in the car.  We usually start early and sometimes I get breakfast, sometimes I don’t.   If we don’t then I try to buy some bananas or something else.   If the house girls know, they will get me food I can grab and go.  Eggs and toast to make sandwiches or bananas and tea for the road.  What I basically eat for breakfast is what I can, when I can and I try to eat everything because we nearly always do not have lunch.   I also try to hydrate just enough that when I sweat, I will still be hydrated enough but not to have to go potty all the day in the car.    I know it is bad but it is that or peeing next to every other African man on the side of the road doing the same.  There is no dishonor in it, it is very normal here.   I just don’t prefer them seeing a Mzungu (white person) butt shining!

Much of the work I’m doing right now is confidential so I cannot put it out there on my blog so I’ll talk about the things that touch me, and drive me to be here.

When we leave in the morning, we are beginning the day afresh.   Yesterday’s worries usually have been managed.   We know we will spend much time either on the road or waiting in offices for answers, papers, reports or to have the scheduled appointment that is 3 hours later and is interrupted numerous times.  Such is life here.  If we have to go to a court, oh mercy!  We may be there all day long.

Then getting ready for bed or getting ready for work without power is a challenge.   You just never rest until you are showered and everything is done for the night or morning.  Then once everything is accomplished, you rest and the power probably goes out anyway.  Flashlight is only partially useful, a candle is much better.  When the power is on I’m charging everything.

All along the highway there are the older women meeting in the early morning.   They are gossiping to one another.   It is quite cute and animated.   They are talking about their neighbors, community, or what ever is the scandal of the village at that time.  They are usually all dressed up when they come to the highway to talk.

There are varied fruit and vegetable stands, and the Matutus’s stop there and then out of nowhere come the “Chicken on a Stick Guys!”   They have more chicken speared and fanned out than you can well…shake a stick at!   They are all in competition for your shillings.   They are saying, “buy mine” and believe me they shove it in the window at you if you even roll down a couple of inches.  Those guys can run so fast and multiply before your eyes!  I’ve posted the pic so you can experience it from the inside of the car with me.

There are mango ladies, and banana ladies, and onion and tomato ladies too.  You feel almost guilty picking one over the other.  These stands are a great source of beautiful produce, and generate income for many families.

I will continue this post in another entry.   Our power just ceased to be.



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