Yelp, I’m on Yelp!

Yelp, I’m on Yelp!

I’m on Yelp now.  I have always had an account but never did a thing with it.   I added the Yelp App to my Droid phone and I’m in serious love.   Not only can I find my way navigating to the greatest restaurants and entertainment, but I can take pics as I go and tell you all about what I loved or didn’t love about it.

The people on Yelp for the most part sincerely want to give great reviews, whether positive or negative.   What I love about it is that without knowing someone that ate at a certain restaurant, you rely on luck on menu item choice.   If the restaurant is heavily reviewed, you can even find out what is tasty to order!

We found a nearby pharmacy when we needed one and convenience store too, for the “oh my gosh our cheap hotel had not one coke machine working” crisis.

Yelp was a serious lifesaver in Dallas when we went.  I wrote reviews of the two fabulous restaurants we found there using Yelp and also we were able to find shopping and other wonderful things.   I still have another review to write of a pizza place we visited.   The best part of using Yelp?    We didn’t get lost once!!

Yelp I love you, I hope I can be a better friend than I am to my blog.  If you have Android, please add the Yelp App.  You will not be disappointed!!!    If you are a Yelper…add me as a friend.

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